Everyone think that he is a mirror who saw others inner and outer ,and they said that i am very intelligent,pious,e.t.c, but in reality no one knows the reality that mirror only show reversed and duplicate of same thing.


If you understand,it is clear that mirror only shows you in reverse direction and in fact the thoughts which you build in your mirror for others is your own reality.


Never disappoint anyone who believes you that you will never deceive him,keep their trust alive.


Once something die never comes back that become only part of past.


To keep yourself alive in others lives always respect their trust which they have on you because,if you don’t respect their trust and you make them disappoint you will become past of their lives and no more alive in their life.

That’s why,

Try to be alive in others future and also in your’s own future.


Always keep calm in every trouble situation and show patience,at the moment we get angry or shout on others but in reality that moments are the exam of us.

Matters solves at their time but the words we use hurt others and after time passed away we regret that we shouldn’t do that but, that is really like all in vain.


Try to keep patience and don’t be angry sudden in any situation.

All the happiness of this world are hide in calmness, because,

If you’re calmed others will automatically calmed and Happy 😁.