Everyone knows the deepness of sea and if we compare the human heart with sea it couldn’t be wrong to say that human heart is more deep then sea ,because, scientifically heart fails after heavy shock,stress,blockage of valves,e.t.c,similarly tsunami occurs in seas when plates movement get disturbed and,in result everything turns into ruin.


He is men’s heart who bear heavy shocks, secrets and hide them in the depth of heart for whole life.


If you think deeply you will know that heart is more deep as compare to a sea.

Who is cruel.

Men is the most cruel and selfish creature of all the creatures,

Who eat everything ,

Have callous behavior towards other,

Have greed for more wealth,

Always in run to look down upon others,

In hurry to show high status,

Owing to fashion always in quest for the new clothes,

Do not show mercy on other human beings and animals,

Every one have more money as well as more tensions, nobody have time to spend with yourself and others.

Ideas to start a happy day…

1.Say thanks to God for yesterday.

2.Look at yourself in the mirror.

3.Again be thankful to God for your beauty.

4.Do some exercise to improve blood circulation.

5.Eat healthy food in breakfast for work and success.

6.Give five to ten minutes to yourself for makeover to enhance your beauty.

And now, you are ready to enjoy another super day of your life.


God is the creator of everything who created every men with different fate.

For example…

All the five fingers of hand are not equal similarly all men’s are not born with equal fate.

As like you can not equal your fingers, similarly you cannot equal your fate with others.

So,have faith on your fate and don’t fell a prey to envy.

“Having hopes from others is the destruction of yourself”

Never have hopes from other peoples because anything that you can do for yourself ,no one can do that for you…they just spoil your emotions , and play with you and at the end they have reward in the form_that we did alot for you ,this and that e.t.c.

That’s why always don’t take any favour from others, do that you can done by own for yourself doesn’t matter that is maximum or minimum.


Don’t allow others to destroy you because you are the _protector,guard,angel, friend, everything,e.t.c of yourself not the other ones.